Reflecting on the past and looking towards the future, our team came up with a common idea in the fall of 2021, which is to combine our advanced technology, a wealth of experience and innovation ability to create more products that can truly change the way people live all over the world, making our lives simpler, more convenient, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. After a year of exploration and hard work, our first product, the Neomow S robotic lawnmower was born.


Robotic lawnmower
our story
our vision


Be an innovation-driven and product-centric technology company.

our mission


Let smart tech go into people's daily life.

our value


HOOKII is an innovative brand. We are dedicated to delivering an intelligent & environmental friendly lifestyle. From sketch to the final product, we are doing our utmost to provide the best products.

Customer recognition inspires us to go further and further. We firmly believe that the product we design will liberate people from duplication of work and therefore improve the quality of your life.


"At HOOKII, we are dedicated to using the latest technology to improve people's lives. Our team of experienced robotics engineers has been at the forefront of innovation since 2016, and in the past seven years, we have applied for over 300 patents. We have already made a name for ourselves in the commercial market with our medical service robots and intelligent cleaning robots, which have received rave reviews.

But we didn't stop there. After conducting market research, we found that most of the robot mowers on the market today fall short in terms of efficiency and meeting customer needs. That's why we developed the Neomow S - the first robot lawn mower from HOOKII. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the Neomow S is poised to make a big impact in the smart home market and bring a new level of convenience and ease to lawn care."

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