1. How long will my Neomow S run?

Mowing time varies due to several factors including the terrain, slopes, and the number of obstacles in your lawn. The Neomow mow your lawn on a customizable schedule, maintaining a consistently healthy lawn height.

2. How do I control my Neomow S robotic lawn mower?

The Neomow robotic mower has an app that allows you to adjust multiple settings and gather information about your Neomow. It is available on the Google Play and Apple App stores for free. Also, you can control the robotic mower through the control panel.

3. Where should I place the charging station?

The charging station should be placed on a flat surface. Placing the charging station in an area that doesn’t get excessive sun exposure and prevents overheating of the lithium battery.

4. What if I have an electric dog fence?

If you have a dog fence, the radio frequency from the dog fence could potentially interfere with the radio frequency of the Neomow S boundary wire, rendering both fences inoperative. Neomow S is not recommended to be installed within 3 feet (1m) of a dog fence.

5. Can I trench the boundary wire?

While not necessary, the boundary wire can be trenched. The Neomow S wire should not be buried at more than 1 inch (3cm) depth.

6. How does the Neomow S robotic mower handle obstacles?

Neomow S handles large obstacles by bumping into them and turning around. The ultrasonic sensors are available to help your mower sense obstacles and navigate around them instead of running over or bumping into them.

7. What types of blades does the Neomow S use?

The Neomow S robotic lawn mower uses 3 razor blades attached to a rotating disc.

8. Why does my Neomow S Premium still hit objects?

The ultrasonic sensor sends out sound waves, which will echo when they encounter an obstacle. Enough echo sound energy triggers the sensor, and the Neomow S will slow down and then take an obstacle avoidance maneuver.

The following conditions may result in insufficient echo energy, making the sensor cannot be triggered:

  • The ultrasonic sensor does not align with the obstacle straightly, and the intersection angle of the ultrasonic sensor centre and the obstacle is big;
  • The obstacle surface material is wrinkled/porous;
  • The obstacle has a small cross-section ( for example, a small tree);
  • The obstacle surface is mirror-like and has an inclined angle.

Please check if you turn on the ultrasonic sensor detection function on the App. If you find that the ultrasonic sensor cannot be triggered near an obstacle, consider setting an off-limit zone for that particular area.

9. What SIM card is used for 4G models and how to renew it later?

Neomow 4G models are equipped with a built-in SIM card and cannot be replaced by users. 

10. If the network signal is lost, can Neomow S still work normally?

  • If the network signal is lost, Neomow can be controlled through Bluetooth;
  • If neither Bluetooth nor the network is available, Neomow can still complete its mowing work perfectly due to GPS positioning and navigation, only users cannot get an interactive and remote experience.

11. Why my Neomow S cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network?

The Neomow S is too far from the router. Please place the mower closer to the router.

12. What should I do if the Neomow S vibrates abnormally during mowing?

Check the blade disc and blades:

  • If the blade is damaged, replace the blade;
  • If the blade disc is damaged, contact the after-sales service for repair.

13. Why the Neomow S cannot get accurate GPS location persistently?

Possible causes:

  • The GPS antenna on the Neomow S is covered or blocked;
  • The GNSS antenna or charging station is covered or blocked.


  • Make sure the mower is not covered by anything;
  • Remove the item that is covering or blocking the charging station, or relocate the GNSS antenna to a place with a good signal.

14. What should I do if the wheels are stuck?

  • Check whether the tire is covered by a lot of mud, grass clippings, etc.
  • Check whether there are any foreign items stuck between the tire and the fender;
  • check whether there is any foreign item that wraps around the motor shaft. Clean the tire and its attachment if necessary.

15. How do I clean Neomow S?

Use a soft brush or cloth to clean the exterior of the robotic mower thoroughly. DO NOT clean with alcohol, gasoline, acetone, or other corrosive/volatile solvents. These substances may damage the appearance and internal structure of your Neomow S.

For proper docking, periodically inspect and clean the charging station of debris and mud. Make sure all connecting parts of the charging station, the extension cable, and the power supply are not blocked.

Chassis and blade disc

If the chassis and blade disc is dirty, use a brush or a water hose to clean them. DO NOT use a high-pressure washer. At the same time, make sure that the blade disc rotates freely and the blades can pivot freely.


High-pressure water can leak into the sealings and damage electronic and mechanical parts.


Grass on the wheels can affect how the Neomow performs when climbing slopes. Remove mud or other items stuck in between to ensure a strong grip.

Rain sensor

Check once a week and make sure the rain sensor is not covered by mud, grass, or other objects. You can clean it with a soft brush. After cleaning, dry the sensor area to prevent it from being triggered as in the rain.


Before cleaning, make sure the mower is powered off.

When the Neomow S is upside down, it must be powered off.

16. Why can't Neomow S return to the charging station automatically?

Cause: There are obstacles near the charging station.

Solution: Remove the obstacles.

Cause: Items are blocking the upper surface of the mower so that the built-in GNSS antenna cannot receive the signal well.

Solution: Remove the items blocking the upper surface of the mower.

Cause:  Ignore the requirements to set the boundary wire.

Solution:  Set the boundary correctly follow the "Quick Guide" on the Download page.

17. Where can I find the serial number (SN) of Neomow S?

Check the robotic lawn mower. There is an SN label on the back side of cover.

18. What is the noise level of Neomow S?

When mowing the lawn the maximum noise level of Neomow S  is lower than 62dB(A). The mower will not bother your neighbors when using it at night.

19. Can Neomow S be used in rain, snow, hail or fog?

Waterproof rating of the mower: IPX5.

The Neomow S can be used in rain and you can turn on/off the rain sensor on the APP to set it whether work on a rainy day. But to achieve the best mowing results, it is not recommended to mow in the rain. Mowing in the rain can make the grass stick on the product and injury the lawn. Do not mow in bad weather, such as heavy rain, thunderstorm, or snow.

20. Why my Neomow S cannot reach the ideal mowing efficiency when the battery is fully charged?

Current mowing efficiency is a test result that was tested in a square, flat place with no obstacles, actual efficiency might vary due to:

  • The actual condition of your lawn (slop, bump, or multiple channels to connect different boundaries);
  • Frequent direction changes in a complex map;
  • Battery maximum capacity will drop slightly as it use time, which will also contribute to an efficiency drop.

21. Why does my Neomow S go back to the charging station without finishing the mowing task?

Possible causes:

  • Rain sensor triggered;
  • Battery low;
  • Out of the scheduled mowing hour.

22. Why certain areas are not mow?

Possible Causes:

  • Inaccurate positioning;
  • Obstacle avoidance;
  • The grass is too tall.

  • The Neomow's moving path depends on satellite positioning, occasionally inaccurate positioning may lead to missed cuts, and the missed area will be covered after a few more cuts.
  • If an obstacle is encountered during mowing, the mower will avoid the obstacle, which can result in certain areas not being cut.
  • If the grass is higher than 10 cm, the ultrasonic sensor will be triggered and Neomow S will avoid areas with tall grass.

23. Why my Neomow S does not cut the grass? Why did the blades stop rotating during the mowing process?

Possible Causes:

  • Cutting motor over-current protection;
  • Foreign objects;
  • Obstacle avoidance;
  • The mower is lifted.


  • When the grass is too thick, the cutting motor will automatically enter self-protection and stop rotating when the current is too high. At this time, it is recommended to adjust the mowing height or use other mowing tools to trim the lawn to 6 cm or lower first.
  • Please confirm whether there is a foreign object stuck in the blade disc or blades, if any, please clean it in time.
  • When the robotic lawn mower is avoiding an obstacle, the bump sensor will shut down the blades temporarily. When this protection mechanism is finished, the blades will continue rotating.
  • If the mower is lifting, the lifted sensor will be triggered and Neomow S will stop rotat the blades to protect user.

24. Why my Neomow S mows the lawn by itself without any manual operation?

  • If you started manual mowing mode before, the mower would keep working until the mowing task is completed. When the battery level is lower than 30%, the lawn mower will return to the charging station. When the battery is charged to 100%, the mower will resume the previous mowing task automatically. When the mowing task is completed, the mower will exit the manual mowing mode.
  • If you have set a mowing schedule (and you didn't start manual mowing before), the robot mower will automatically start the mowing task according to the schedule.
  • When the rain sensor is triggered, the Neomow S will stop the task and return to the charging station. After the water on the rain sensor is dry, it will automatically continue until the mowing task is finished. However, the Neomow S will not resume mowing if it's past the scheduled time.

25. Why my Neomow S does not move in a regular pattern in certain areas?


There are obstacles in that area.


This is normal. The mower will automatically adjust its moving pattern around obstacles. However, it is still recommended to remove excess clutter before mowing. You can also set up an off-limit area for obstacles.

26. Why does my Neomow S not work according to the schedule?

Possible causes:

  • The STOP button is pressed down or jammed, and the mower cannot start automatically;
  • Low battery;
  • Water on the rain sensor.


  • Make sure the STOP button is completely released. Turn off the Neomow and check if any foreign object is stuck in the STOP button. If yes, remove the object and try mowing again;
  • Charge the robotic lawn mower;
  • If the rain sensor is triggered, the mower cannot start working. Wait for the water to dry up.

27. Why is the mowing uneven or patchy?


The preset mowing schedule is not enough.


Adjust the mowing time according to the size of the mowing area. Ensure that there is enough time for the mower to complete its task.


The blades are blunt.


Replace the blades.


The blades cannot pivot normally.


Clean the blade disk and blades.


The grass is too high.


Set the cutting height to a higher level and then lower it to the desired height gradually.

28. Why is the charging station not working?

  • The battery has a built-in temperature protection feature. Temperature protection will be activated at 0°C (32°F)/50°C (122°F), and the battery won't be charged and Neomow S will stop working unless the temperature reaches 5°C (41°F) or above/reduces to 45°C (113°F) or below;
  • Check whether or not the charging station is connected to a power supply. If not, insert the power plug into a suitable power outlet;
  • Check if the contact strip is clean. If not, clean it so that the contact strips on the Neomow and charging station can connect well.

29. What type of battery that Neomow S use? How long can the battery last?

Neomow s uses a Lithium battery. This battery has a lifespan of more than 500 cycles. It can still retain more than 70% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles.

30. Why is my Neomow's working hour shortened after fully charged?

Possible Causes:

Aged battery pack;

Lawn condition (long grass, changed garden layout, etc.).


Replace the battery pack;

This is normal. 

31. How does the Neomow S connect to the charging station while charging?

When pushed into the charging station, the charging strip on the mower will firmly contact the contact strip on the charging station. Therefore the battery can get electricity input from the charging station until the battery is fully charged.

32. Why does the Neomow S enter sleep model in the charging station?


For saving electricity.

How to wake it up again: 

Connect it via Bluetooth or restart it to wake it up.

33. Why are the charging time and work time greatly reduced?

  • The battery life depends on how often the product is used and the total working hours. Along with the frequent usage and use of a longer period of time, the battery will last less. It is normal.
  •  The battery can still retain more than 70% of its original capacity at 600 complete charge cycles. If the operation time is significantly shorter than usual after full charge or the lawn is not well mowed, contact the after-sales service to replace the battery.