1. Is Neomow X suitable for all types of grassland?

Neomow X series is suitable for a wide range of grass types, including Bahia, Bermuda grass, buffalo grass, centipede, fine fescue, Kentucky early grass, Kikuyu grass, perennial ryegrass, St Augustine grass, tall fescue, knotweed, and more.

2. Is Neomow X easy to set-up?

Setting up Neomow X is a straightforward process. Begin by installing the charging station, then use the app to define the virtual boundaries for your lawn. That's all it takes!

3. What’s the cutting height?

Neomow X offers an adjustable mowing height range of 30 to 85 mm(1.18 - 3.35 inc.) through the App settings.

4. Does Neomow X require an RTK signal station or perimeter wires for navigation?

Neomow X series eliminates the need for RTK signal stations or perimeter wires for navigation and mowing. It adopts an advanced multithreaded LiDAR SLAM system to map your lawns and navigate. LiDAR SLAM provides stable and precise navigation even offline, with no hassle of installing an RTK signal station or perimeter wires, and remains unaffected by signal strength and lighting conditions.

5. How do I set up the map so Neomow X can know where to go?

During the initial setup, you'll remotely guide the device along the boundaries to help it learn the designated go-zones and no-go zones, enabling the creation of a precise 3D map. Once this process is complete, Neomow X will autonomously navigate the go-zones with centimeter-level accuracy, ensuring efficient and precise mowing.

6. Can I schedule the mowing job for different zones?

Certainly! The intelligent multi-zone management feature allows you to define and customize different zones within your yard. With our user-friendly App, you can customize your mowing schedule for your front and back lawns, or efficiently mow them in sequence to achieve a beautifully manicured result.

7. My lawns are split into several parts. How many mowing zones can I set up? Is there a limit to how large Neomow X can work?

You have the freedom to establish an unlimited number of mowing zones, setting up as many as you desire and configuring pathways between various zones to ensure seamless successive operation. Neomow X is capable of covering an area of up to 3,000 sqm(0.74 acres), while Neomow X Pro is designed to cover expansive spaces of up to 5,000 sqm(1.24 acres).

8. Can it avoid small animals like a hedgehog or other obstacles like apples?

The Neomow X series comes equipped with an integrated vision sensor, enabling real-time monitoring of its surroundings. Upon detecting small animals like hedgehogs, cats, and dogs (as well as static objects like apples), Neomow X adeptly navigates around them to ensure both their safety and the uninterrupted operation of the device.

9. Can Neomow X charge itself and continue its work where it stops?

Sure, Neomow X will automatically navigate to the charging station when the battery is low. After automatically recharging, Neomow X seamlessly resumes mowing where it last left off.

10. What anti-theft design does Neomow X have?

Neomow X incorporates robust anti-theft measures. Its advanced LiDAR SLAM technology enables you to place the charging station indoors, safeguarding it from theft. Additionally, the device is equipped with anti-theft programming. Abnormal movement or exiting predefined zones triggers an alert on the App, ensuring its security. Only registered users can control it, rendering a stolen unit ineffective. Tracking is possible via the App as long as the device has power.

11. Can I select different angles for mowing?

Certainly. Neomow X’s advanced mowing algorithm adjusts its mowing angle for each task to ensure that your lawn remains healthy and perfectly manicured. And you can define the mowing angle for the zones using the App.

12. Does Neomow X have a rain sensor? Can it be used on rainy days?

Yes, Neomow X comes with a rain sensor, allowing it to detect rainfall and autonomously return to the charging station for protection. While Neomow X is water-resistant (IPX5) and splashproof, enabling operation in light rain, it's advised not to mow during rain to prevent lawn damage and ensure optimal performance.

13. How does Neomow X cope with slopes and/or complex landscapes?

Neomow X has a unique design with two large front drive wheels (240mm diameter and 61mm wide). The tires are made from durable, puncture-resistant material and have a non-slip tread pattern. The robust brushless motor delivers full power to the front drive wheels, enabling Neomow X to effortlessly tackle uneven surfaces such as gravel roads and potholes, work at slopes of up to 45% (approx. 24°), and go across a step up to 45mm in height.

14. What contries can you ship to?

USA (except PR, HI, AK), UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain (mainland only), Sweden, Portugal (mainland only), Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Estonia, New Zealand.

15. What is the maximum mowing area of Neomow X?

Neomow X : 3000㎡ (0.74 acres)

Neomow X Pro:5000㎡ (1.24 acres)

16. What is the charging time for the Neomow series? How long can they operate on a single charge?

Both Neomow X and Neomow X Pro require 3 hours for a full charge. Once fully charged, Neomow X can operate for up to 2 hours, while Neomow X Pro can run for up to 3 hours.

17. Where Should I Install the Charging Station?

Neomow X's charging station can be conveniently installed either indoors (such as in your garage or tool shed) or outdoors (on the lawn, under eaves, and you name it). The ability to place the charging station indoors is a distinctive advantage of our product.