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Can I Install my Robotic Lawnmower myself?

Your garden is the first impression people have of you. However, an overgrown garden full of weeds can really put off the guest's coming. Nowadays, finding the time to mow your garden could be slightly difficult. 

However, Robotic lawnmowers can handle this job with precision. They are programmed such that they can mow the entire area without any help from your side. However, the device needs installation before you start operating it. 

Read on to learn more about Robotic Mower installation and how it should be done.

Can I install a robotic lawn mower myself

Installing a lawnmower could feel like a challenging task. That is because it requires a lot of care and the scope of error is very high. The mower should know which area to cover and when and how much mowing needs to be done. 

Most devices come with a set of instructions. If you follow them carefully, you can install a robot lawn mower all by yourself.

Before using the robotic lawn mower, remember to remove debris, piles of leaves, toys, wires, stones and other obstacles from the lawn.

What is needed for Neomow S robotic lawn mower installation

Before anything, you must know the items and conditions that are necessary for the installation. If your robotic lawn mower needs to be kept in a specific area, you will first have to set the perimeter wire. You will also require a charging station and a guide wire. 

It is also required that you program the device before you install the lawnmower. Normally when you buy your robotic lawnmower, the items mentioned are provided. Some other items you may need are:

how to install robotic lawnmowers

  • Rubber mallet
  • Wire strippers

rubber mallet and wire strippes

Placement of charging station of Neomow S

When wondering about How To Install A Robotic Lawn Mower, this is one thing you cannot ignore is choosing the best place to put the charging station. Normally you should place the charging station in a place with good GPS signal instead of installing it under trees, near walls, or in corners. 

You need to place the charge station not perpendicular to the perimeter but along the perimeter. Lay the wire at least 30 cm/12 in in front of the charging station and 1 m/3ft behind in a straight line.

location of charging station

The installation direction of the charging station is important. If you are standing outside the boundary wire and facing the mowing area, then the charging station's head should face toward the right. Conversely, if you are standing inside the boundary line, facing the charging station, the head of the charging station should face toward the left.

how to install the charging station

Planning the laying of perimeter wire

The perimeter wire maintains a magnetic field that the robotic lawnmower interprets. You start laying the perimeter wire from the charging station, and that is where it should end too. Use the below tips to place the wire carefully:

  • The boundary wire should be placed in the centre underneath the base plate.
  • Make sure you plan the layout of the placement correctly. The wire should not cross at any location. 
  • You can run the wire either clockwise or counterclockwise, make the boundary wire straighten
  • Pay attention to the distance of the wire suggested by the manufacturer, usually leave a distance of 20-30cm/8-12in to the border of the lawn. To stop the robotic lawn mower from venturing into flower beds, you can use the distance ruler and measure 20cm/8in to flower beds.
  • The distance between two fxing pegs is about 80cm/31.5in. If you don’t want to measure it, take steps, an average person's walking step length is approximately 76.2cm or 2.5ft. 
distance between fixing pegs

  • The two ends of the wire should be connected to the charging station. If the wire is correctly placed, the function light shows on.
the head of charging station

Programming the robotic lawnmower

Put the robot lawn mower on the charging station, turn the switch button to the right

the start button of  robotic lawn mower
turn on the robotic lawn mower

Download the APP from the app store or official website link
Registered Account, and then scan the QR code to connect the robot lwan mower.
scan the QR code

Change the work mode and schedule of the lawn mower

HOOKII's smart lawn mower has different mowing modes to choose from. If your lawn has complex terrain, many tall trees or buildings, or the grass is very dense, or it is the first time to use a lawn mower to mow, then It is recommended that you use the cross mowing mode, which mows in a cross pattern to effectively increase the mowed coverage area.

If your lawn is flat and open, you can use the daily mode to meet the mowing needs. If you are a pro, you can design the work mode, choose the frequency, direction and speed of mowing, etc.

If there is a need to change the work schedule, you can do so easily from the settings. Most robotic lawnmowers offer different time settings. In fact, you could choose multiple settings to suit your schedule.
app control

A few models allow different time settings for separate days. Or they may not offer a time interval at all. Just “from” and “to” settings are provided where you have to enter the time interval.

If you have other robot lawn mowers and still thinking about How to Install Your Robotic Mower Correctly, we will help you out. Here are the steps that you have to follow:

  • First, place the robotic lawn mower in the charging dock and then go to the display. In some models, it is beneath the hatch. Other models have it placed on top of the lawn mower. 
  • Next, you will have to turn the switch on. This switch is present on a few models. In case there is no such switch, just press the start button.
  • Now you will have to input the pin code that comes with the product. Check for the code and input it. If there is no code, just create one of your own and add it.
  • After you have set the pin code, you will have to change the time, language, and date settings. This is done to ensure the lawnmower works on the same schedule as yours.
  • Some of the models would require calibration. Watch the model's display, as it will show the steps you must follow. 
  • You can set up a work schedule that in the menu would be mentioned as “Timer” or “Schedule.” Few robotic lawnmowers have a wizard who creates a schedule for you. Others may expect you to enter a “From” time and “To” time.
  • Some of the lawnmowers come with mobile app connectivity. After doing the auto mower installer, link the device to the mobile app. You can use Bluetooth to do so. Once you do that, you can control the working of the lawnmower from inside your home. 

Summing up

A robotic lawn mower makes your life pretty easy. If you have correctly installed it, the device does the cutting without any issues. It is easy to set up the device, and you can follow the instructions mentioned above. Just be careful of the laying of the perimeter wire, as that would decide whether the mower can work properly.

The Neomow range of robotic lawn mowers from Hookii offers a wide variety of features and benefits. You can get the instructions on How to install your HOOKII Neomow S robotic lawn mower here. You can get a high-quality service from the device as it supports the systematic movement. 

The product also comes with an obstacle-avoidance feature. If it notices something obstructing its path, the lawn mower would change its path. This intelligent product works efficiently, and you can relax while it does its job. Plus, the ease of setting up and operating makes it one of the preferred choices of garden owners.