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How Does Neomow S Robotic Lawn Mower Mow In A Logical Way

There are several robotic lawnmowers available in the market. However, one should opt for those mowers that logically do the job. If you are wondering which one is the best robot lawn mower, then that’s a perfect piece of information for you.

Most robot lawn mowers randomly cut the lawn. Although Neomow S robotic lawn mower is different as it helps you to cut your lawn in parallel lines. Before we delve into the details, let’s understand how do robotic lawnmowers work.

How do robotic lawnmowers know where to go

Once you have set the boundary wires, the device knows what obstacles it is supposed to avoid such as trees. It comes with an in-built GPS that helps the device navigate throughout the lawn. This feature helps to cut the grass in the best way possible and consumes less energy at the same time.  

The difference between random mowing and parallel mowing

Random mowing

If a mower doesn’t feature GPS, then it has no sense of navigation. This is the reason why lawns usually look very shabby when mowing is done in a random manner. Moreover, it feels like many hours have been wasted and on top of that, it leaves many areas uncut. 

These robotic lawn mowers continue to mow in different directions once it reaches the boundary line. However, the problem arises when they mow certain areas more than others. Eventually, it creates an uneven surface.

Parallel mowing

Random mowing is definitely not considered an efficient method. Thus, there are several robotic lawnmowers available in the market that allows systematic mowing. Although many of them have failed to impress users.
Thanks to Hookii for launching their new product, Neomow S as it can cut in parallel lines. This helpful robotic lawn mower is available on the official website of Hookii alongside e-commerce websites like Amazon. In Europe, you can also buy it in offline stores.

parallel mowing

Benefits of systematic mowing

Systematic Mowing helps to get the work done faster. For instance, HOOKII’s Neomow S lawn mower can cut 150 square meters in one hour and you can get 800 square meters of lawn mowed in one day. However, if you go for random mowing, then it might take up to 3 to 5 days.

Furthermore, it helps to save energy as it doesn’t cut grass at the same place over and over again. Therefore, the overall mowing efficiency is high and reduces working hours. Thanks to parallel mowing, the grass height will remain the same throughout the lawn.

Drawbacks of logical mowers

The Neomow S comes with everything you need to get started. Inside the box, you'll find the Neomow S robot lawn mower itself, a charging station, 150 meters of perimeter wire, 210 fixing pegs, four-wire connectors, three cutting blades, a power supply, and a user manual.

inside the box

With all of these components included, you'll have everything you need to set up and start using your Neomow S robot lawn mower right out of the box.


If you are on a budget, then price can be a major drawback for you as it is expensive compared to non-GPS mowers that work randomly. Keep in mind that GPS is not the only reason for the increased price as all the high-end models with this technology come with several refinements. Most robot lawn mowers with GPS are priced above $2000, but Hookii's lawn mower robot with GPS is only $799.

And you will end up saving money as Neomow S robotic lawn mower consumes less energy. So, it can be considered a one-time investment that will keep paying back in the long run.

Time-consuming setup

Setting up a HOOKII automatic mower can be complicated for the first time. Considering there are many features and functions, one can easily get upset at the start. Although you can always refer to the user manual provided by the brand to ensure that the setup is done.

You can also operate the device with help of the application. You can easily set up working parameters, which are usually kept to factory settings. However, you can also set a schedule for cuttinging the lawn including how often to mow lawn.

How does Neomow S robotic lawn mower work?

After you have installed the HOOKII robot lawn mower for the first time, the auto mower cuts in a clockwise direction. Firstly, it mows a circle of grass around the boundary line in a clockwise direction to determine its working range.

Once the mower has marked the area, it starts parallel mowing. This high-end robotic lawn mower is equipped with GPS, which makes it intelligent to understand the algorithm system needed for parallel mowing. GPS signals help the mower mark the points and learn the positioning of charging points.

It is worth noting that the GPS accuracy is three meters. When you install it for the first time, the Hookii algorithm ensures that the entire area is divided into various sections. The area usually doesn’t exceed more than 6.3 meters at one time. Once an area is done, it automatically goes to the next area to do the assigned task. 

Other features about Neomow S robotic lawn mower

Neomow S auto mower is great for those who want to easily cut grass in their lawn from multiple sections. If you are tired of managing multiple areas of the lawn, then look no further as Neomow S is the best robot lawn mower for you.

Here are some of the features you should check out:


GPS is one of the most useful features when it comes to the Neomow S robotic lawn mower. It doesn’t help you with just the navigation part but it also helps you with the tracking part. Once the route is defined, it becomes easier to do the mowing process.

GPS of Neomow S

Climb Slopes

Gone are the days when mowers used to work only on a flat surface. Now, you don’t need to worry about its ability to climb as the powerful motor installed in the machine can simply climb up. Even if the slope is 33%, still this machine is able to climb with help of its high-capacity battery.

climb slopes

Schedule option

With the help of an application, you can schedule whenever you want this robot to cut the grass on your lawn. In fact, the application comes with multiple modes that provide you with three different speeds including strong, daily maintenance mode, and custom mode - where you can choose your own parameters.

schedule option

Dual direction

The Neomow S robotic lawn mower comes with two mowing directions - parallel path and random path. It means you can choose either of the options and get the work done, as per your requirements. Parallel one will make the lawn get done faster compared to random one and consume less energy.

Dual Mowing Pattern

Aside from two different directions, you will also get two different mowing patterns including single grid and double grid. While the single one covers the area only once, the double grid ensures that you get higher coverage. Although the efficiency gets reduced in the latter one.

Adjustable Mowing Height

If you are fond of making customized designs and patterns on your lawn, then this adjustable mowing height feature will come in handy. You can easily adjust the height of mowing and make the grass look taller or shorter at certain places - eventually designing by using your creativity.


The Neomow S robotic lawn mower comes with multiple sensors including Lift Sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Tilt Sensor, Blade Fender, and Rain Sensor. The in-built safety protection system in the robot ensures that it suits the environmental conditions and guarantees the safety and health of your lawn.

Additional Features

The Neomow S robotic lawn mower believes in logical cutting patterns, unlike other robots that come in only random patterns. It can cover a larger area once GPS helps to mark it during the first run.

It also comes with an adjustable speed, which makes it helpful for the user to operate from the application. Moreover, users can change the direction as per their requirements. The battery capacity is 60W and it takes 150 minutes to charge the robot completely.

One charge can easily last for 150 to 180 minutes. It also features Bluetooth, WiFi, and a 4G connection. 


In conclusion, Neomow S robotic lawn mower is one of the best options in the market as it doesn’t just take care of your lawn but also kids and pets in the house. It comes with an ultrasonic sensor, which helps to detect any obstacle without hitting it.

Furthermore, it has an anti-theft system installed, which means the device will automatically stop if it crosses the boundary. At the same time, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet (wherever the application is installed). 

All you need to do is simply download the Neomow S application. It is available for only $799-$1049, which is comparatively low in price than most robotic lawn mowers with GPS on the market.

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