can you mow wet grass

Can you mow wet grass?

Rains are always good for your grass. Especially during the rainy season, your grass thrives like no other. However, that also means the grass keeps growing quickly, and you must mow it frequently. One question that arises at that time is Can I mow wet grass? 

Most experts would ask you to avoid doing so. But then, at certain times, it is entirely unavoidable. The growth is uncontrollable, and you have no other alternative. After all, you want your lawn to look the best at all times.

Read on to know if you can mow wet grass and the best way to do it.

How does cutting wet grass affect my lawn 

A big problem with cutting wet grass is that the leaf blades are usually down due to the wetness. When you try to mow it, the leaves are not fully cut. The mower would cut some of the grass, so the overall look you get out of the effort is rather untidy. This is the first problem when you think Can you mow wet grass.

Apart from that, moving the mower could subdue the grass present. They get submerged in the mud and become a total mess. It can also affect their growth as they are not nurtured enough. The soggy grass is also a thriving place for fungal growth. The spread of fungus leaves brown spots killing the grass that lies close to it.

If there is severe rain in that area, it will cause the soil to get saturated. When you mow that area, the mower can leave wheel ruts, thus spoiling the look of your garden.

Cutting wet grass damage on health

Cutting wet grass affects your health as well. That is why there are negative feedback to can you mow wet grass. The grass is as it is slippery, and then the mower runs at a fast speed. This can increase the probability of your slipping and hurting yourself. Plus, if it is raining, using an electric mower can increase the likelihood of getting electrocuted. There have been numerous instances of the same, and being careful may not help in this case.

Suggestions to mow wet grass

Despite all of the above information, you might wonder if can you mow grass wet. Though experts advise against it, here are some suggestions you could adopt to do so carefully.

  • Raise the height of the mower: Try to cut your lawn with a higher blade setting. Probably the amount of grass you cut would be less. However, the cuts would be slick, and the chances of it looking shabby will reduce.

  • Overlap the mowing strips: Doing that means the wet grass cannot slow down the mower. It won't have to work so hard. The kind of cuts you get will be neat and clean. In case the catcher leaves piles of wet grass clippings, then you can put them in piles and remove the clippings.

  • Don’t use the clippings for mulching: However, if the grass is not too wet and the clippings are spreading evenly, you could leave them over there. You should empty the catcher as soon as you see it's complete; otherwise, the wheels will start sinking into the soil.

  • Avoid mowing in a hurry, as you should give the mower time to cut the leaves.

  • Clean the mower after you are done with the mowing. That means you have to remove the wet mud that is sticking to its wheels. 

  • Make sure you do your mowing once the sun comes up. Even if the grass takes a little time to dry, it will be beneficial. The soil saturation levels reduce, and that helps the grass to cope with the mowing process.

  • Before you start mowing, ensure that you clean your mower. If the inside of the mower is clogged with old clippings, the entire process of mowing would be affected.

Grass types that can be mowed easily, even when wet

There are certain grass types that are easy to mow as compared to others. If you are based in a wet region, you could think of planting any of those. Here is the detail of such grasses which you should remember when you think of Can you mow wet grass.

  • Warm season grasses: For instance, Sir Walter Buffalo is very strong and can recover quickly from any damage caused. They, as it is, need less mowing in general. In case you have to mow during the wet season, they are quick to recover from the harm caused.

  • Kikuyu- In case your lawn gets a lot of winter shade, you must be extra careful. Kikuyu is a challenging and resilient grass that is able to handle the winter onslaught well. In case it gets ruined because of persistent mowing, it would bounce back soon.

  • For shade- Another very good performer for shade is the Matilda Buffalo grass. Its rate of damage recovery is exceptional and would be good for your lawn. You have to think about it when you consider can you mow wet grass.

  • Some other varieties- Apart from the above, Empire Zoysia and Palmetto make up for the damage they have incurred very quickly. If you have planted them, they will be back to a normal situation soon. Sapphire Buffalo does not require mowing often. So if you are in a wet-induced area, you could opt for the same. 

Summing up

If you are bogged by the question can you mow wet grass the answer is mixed. Most experts snub the idea of doing so; however, at a time, avoiding it is just not possible. You can follow the suggestions mentioned above to ensure your grass gets mowed despite being wet. It is always wise to choose the right mower and keep it clean before you start.

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