After Sales Service Policy


Part I - After-Sales Policy


The HOOKII After-Sales Policy is applicable exclusively to HOOKII end-products that have been directly purchased from HOOKII for personal use and not intended for resale. It does not extend to second-hand products. By acquiring a HOOKII product for personal use, you agree to adhere to our after-sales policy. In the event of any variance between your country or region's local after-sales service policy, laws, and regulations, and our after-sales service policy, the former will take precedence.


How Does HOOKII Handle After-sales Support?


HOOKII aims to diagnose and resolve issues through phone, email, or online chat. In some cases, you might be directed to download and install specific software updates. If the problem persists and cannot be resolved remotely, you may need to send your product to HOOKII's designated local service centre or the HOOKII factory for further testing.


Use of Personal Information


By availing of services under this After-Sales Policy, you grant HOOKII permission to store, utilize, and process your contact information, including your name, telephone number, address, and email address. This information will be used by HOOKII to perform the services outlined in this Policy. We may reach out to you to inquire about your satisfaction with our warranty service or to notify you about any product recalls or safety concerns. To facilitate the aforementioned purposes, you authorize HOOKII to transfer your information to countries or territories necessary for conducting our business and may share it with agencies acting on our behalf. Additionally, we may disclose this information if required by law.


Scope Not Covered by The After-sales Policy


The after-sales policy does not cover the following:


  • Malfunctions or damages resulting from improper use, non-compliance with the user manual or instruction manual, or violations of related regulations, caused by human actions and not related to the product's inherent quality.
  • Failures or damages resulting from unauthorized modification, dismantling, or repair.
  • Failures or damages caused by unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control (force majeure).
  • Failures or damages caused by third-party products or services, including third-party software, or actions of other third parties.
  • Products or components with altered or removed identification labels.
  • Failure to provide valid proof of purchase or certification;
  • Claims for damages from third parties against you.
  • Loss, damage, or disclosure of your data.
  • Special, incidental, punitive, indirect, or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, lost profits, business income, goodwill, or anticipated savings.


In no event shall HOOKII, its affiliates, suppliers, dealers, or service providers be liable for damages of any kind arising from any cause whatsoever, except for direct damages actually suffered by you, and such liability shall not exceed the amount paid by you for the product.


Product and Component Replacement


In the event that after-sales service necessitates the replacement of a product or component, the replaced item becomes the property of HOOKII, and the replacement part becomes your property. Only unaltered HOOKII products and components are eligible for replacement.


The replaced products or components provided by HOOKII may not be brand new; however, they will be in excellent working condition and, at the very least, functionally equivalent to the original product or part.


The replaced products or components will carry a warranty equivalent to the remaining duration of the original product's warranty period.


Part II - Warranty


With respect to this Limited Warranty, HOOKII guarantees that each HOOKII product you purchase will be free from defects in material and workmanship during the Warranty Period under normal use, as per the guidelines stated in HOOKII's published product materials. These materials encompass, but are not restricted to, user manuals, quick start guides, maintenance instructions, specifications, disclaimers, and in-application notices. The Warranty Period varies for each product and component. To determine the specific warranty period for a particular product or component, please refer to the following information.


The warranty period for products commences from the original date of purchase, as indicated on the sales receipt or invoice. However, for pre-ordered products, the warranty period starts from the date of dispatch from the local warehouse.

 * Purchase the products from Kickstarter and receive the products before March 2024, the warranty period for the products commences from March 2024.

* Purchase the products from Kickstarter and receive the products after March 2024, the warranty period for the products commences from the date you receive the products.


If the user wishes to send the product to a local service centre or the HOOKII factory for further diagnosis, they will be responsible for arranging the shipment. If the issue falls within the coverage of this Limited Warranty, HOOKII will undertake the repair or replacement and return the product to the user without any additional charges. If the problem is not covered by the Limited Warranty, HOOKII or the designated service centre may apply appropriate charges.


To avail of warranty service, certain conditions must be met, and for more details, please contact HOOKII or your authorised HOOKII dealer.

Dead On Arrival (DOA) refers to a HOOKII product that arrives in a failed, defective, and/or damaged state. If, upon receiving the product from HOOKII or an authorized dealer, it is found to be damaged or malfunctioning, please get in touch with HOOKII or your Authorized HOOKII Distributor to verify and confirm the need for a replacement.


Replacement is applicable in DOA situations. Requests for replacement should be submitted within 7 calendar days of receiving the product, and the replacement process will be completed within 30 calendar days after the complete product, including all original parts, accessories, and packaging, is returned.


How to Obtain Warranty Service


If you encounter a warranty-related situation, you can avail warranty service by reaching out to the HOOKII Customer Service Centre or your local dealer. For products purchased from a local dealer, please contact the dealer initially. During the warranty period, we will provide free repair or replacement service, while you will be responsible for the shipping costs. In cases where HOOKII is responsible for shipping, we will only be liable for any loss or damage to your product while it is in our custody or during transit.


To receive warranty service, you will need to furnish a valid proof of purchase, receipt, or order number (for those belonging to HOOKII direct sales) and the serial number of the product requiring warranty service. Services not covered by this Limited Warranty may incur a fee. For specific service information related to your location, please get in touch with HOOKII.


It's essential to note that warranty service is exclusively available within the appropriate HOOKII service area where you purchased your HOOKII product.


Product Warranty Chart


Product/Component Warranty Period(month)
Neomow S Wheel Motor 24
Cutting Disc Motor 24
GPS Kits 24
Printed Circuit Board 24
Ultrasonic Sensors Kits 24
Battery(4.4Ah) 12
Charging Station 24
Charging Adaptor 24
Extension Cable 24
Neomow X Wheel Motor 24
Front Bumper
GPS Kits
Adjustable Cutting Disc Motor
Front Wheel
Rear Wheel
Camera Module
LiDAR Module
Printed Circuit Board
Charging Station
Charging Adaptor 5Ah
Extension Cable
Battery (13Ah) 12
Cutting Disc
Neomow X PRO Wheel Motor 36
Front Bumper
GPS Kits
Adjustable Cutting Disc Motor
Front Wheel
Rear Wheel
Camera Module
Printed Circuit Board
LiDAR Module 24
Charging Station
Charging Adaptor 8Ah
Extension Cable
Battery (17.5Ah) 12
Cutting Disc
Consumable Components Cutting Blades 0
Fixing Pegs
Boundary Wire



*HOOKII reserves the right to interpret this limited warranty and may not be able to notify each user when updates are available. Please refer to the official website for any details and updates.


Preparation before Obtaining After-Sales Service


Before seeking after-sales service for your product, make sure to follow the steps below:


  • Adhere to HOOKII's service procedures.
  • Back up all data stored in the product or ensure its security.
  • Remove any confidential, proprietary, and personal information from the device. If it is not possible to remove such information, modify it to prevent unauthorised access or ensure it does not qualify as personal data according to applicable laws. HOOKII will not assume responsibility for any data lost or compromised in returned products or products under warranty, including confidential, proprietary, and personal information.
  • Provide HOOKII with any necessary passwords if required.
  • Ensure that HOOKII has full, free, and secure access to your equipment for after-sales service.
  • Remove all functional components, parts, optional parts, altered parts, and accessories not included in the HOOKII product that are not covered by the after-sales service.
  • Ensure that the product or component is free from any legal restrictions that would hinder its replacement or repair.
  • If the product or part is not owned by you, obtain permission from the owner so that HOOKII can provide you with after-sales service.


Your Additional Rights


This Limited Warranty grants you specific legal rights in addition to any others you may already have. Depending on the laws of your country, territory, or jurisdiction, you may have further rights. Moreover, a written agreement with HOOKII might entitle you to other rights. Please note that this Limited Warranty does not impede your statutory rights, which include consumer rights protected by laws or regulations governing the sale of consumer products. These rights cannot be waived or restricted by any agreement.


We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality and dependable robotic lawn mowers, accompanied by exceptional after-sales service. If you have any inquiries about our warranty policy, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service center, and we will be delighted to assist you.




The HOOKII products you have purchased may contain components subject to export control laws, such as radar, navigation, etc. By purchasing these products, you agree to use them solely for civilian purposes and not to utilize them, directly or indirectly, for or in connection with the following:


  1. Any military purposes or providing them to end-users engaged in military activities.
  2. Terrorism or providing support to individuals or groups involved in terrorist activities.
  3. The design, development, production, stockpiling, or application of nuclear, biological, chemical, missiles, rockets, or any other weapons of mass destruction, or providing them to end-users involved in such activities.


You agree to abide by the relevant provisions of the export control laws of China, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Japan (including, but not limited to, the EAR and other laws and regulations). Moreover, you commit to refraining from reselling, exporting, transiting, or otherwise transferring the Product (including hardware and its parts, components, accessories, embedded or supporting firmware, software and its code, technology, corresponding documentation, information, services, etc.) in any form, whether individually or as an integrated device (including, but not limited to, its original form, a detached form, integrated or combined with other products), in any proportion, directly or indirectly, to countries, regions, individuals, or entities listed on the EAR Entity List or countries or organizations subject to sanctions imposed by the aforementioned countries and organizations. Such countries and regions include, but are not limited to, Cuba, Iran, DPRK, Syria, the Crimea region, Sudan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine (including the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk regions), among others.


If your violation of the aforementioned warranty leads to sanctions, penalties, or any financial losses incurred by HOOKII or its suppliers, you agree to indemnify HOOKII for all damages, including but not limited to the costs associated with investigating and pursuing your breach.