Neomow X  Beta Test

Dear Hookii Backers,

We are delighted to announce the success of the Hookii Neomow X project on the Kickstarter platform! Thank you for being a part of this journey. As valued supporters, now you have the exclusive opportunity to participate in our beta program for the innovative Neomow X robotic mower.

This questionnaire is designed to collect related information.Those meeting specific criteria will be selected to join our beta program.

Given the unique testing requirements for lawn mower products, we may follow up via email to confirm some details after reviewing the information you provide.

Let's enhance our collaboration by completing following questionnaire. It should only take approximately 10 minutes of your time. We appreciate your contribution to shaping the future of Hookii Neomow X!



Testers requirement:

1. To join the beta program, you should mow the lawn at least once a week over a continuous one month period or longer between January and March 2024.

2. English proficiency and the ability to provide feedback.

3. Providing prompt and honest feedback on mowing experiences and product performance.

4. Sufficient time to test and provide test reports, communicate at least once a week.

5. Hookii Neomow X and Neomow X Pro's backers have the priority to join the beta program.

* Registration for the beta program deadline is December 3rd.

* Please be aware that filling out the questionnaire does not guarantee you a Beta test invitation. However, your participation is invaluable and contributes to enhancing our products and services.

* Please kindly note that all the information collected here will be kept confidential and not disclosed to any third parties. Thanks for your support!

How it work

1. Collect  Information
We will collect information to identify potential Neomow X testers who meet the requirements. 
2. Contact Potential Testers
After filtering the information, we will reach out to the selected testers to inform them about the beta test program. This process involves providing necessary information.

3. Sign a Contract 
Once the potential testers agree to participate in the beta test, we will ask them to sign a contract for the program. We will ensure that all the necessary details regarding the test are provided, including the testing schedule, requirements, and expectations.
4. Feedback on Testing Results
During the beta test, the testers are required to provide feedback on the test results. We will ask testers to share experiences, opinions, and any issues or bugs testers encounter during the testing process.